To this day, many people still fail to realize the importance of proper maintenance of their construction equipment, which tends to do more damage than good ultimately, considering how failing equipment adversely affects the productivity and quality of construction, routine checks must be put in place to keep the equipment in the best possible condition. If that’s not enough for you, it can cost you a fortune when a repair or replacement is needed for anyone of your machines. That said, safety is also greatly compromised if you ignore the requirement for repairs for long.

If building contractors melbourne want to improve things regarding the construction business, but you aren’t sure where to start, explore the following tips to extend the life of your equipment without much hassle.

Stick to the training

More often than not, heavy machinery has more than one operator. Your checklist should include regular inspection of the operation of the machine.

Construction machinery should be inspected as soon as possible. Operator training is usually conducted during those inspections because employees come and go, some forget the basic training which leads to improper use and ultimately breakdowns and big problems. Keep the operator’s manual in the machine and make sure to have the operators develop a set of best practices for ensured longevity of the machine.

Frequently check the lubricants

During maintenance checks, checking for proper lubrication is very crucial. For construction machinery, make sure to check for excessive build-ups and excess oil on the pistons, as it could lead to tricky problems later. Look out for oil leaks.

Furthermore, you must use the right lubricant for every part, as every unique part requires a different kind of oil and grease.

Don’t overwork the machine

You must never exceed the mandated specifications and limitations of your machine, which can be found in the operator manual. Use the apt modes for your machine and try to minimize the machine’s travel along with the idle time to maximize the life of the machine.

Look out for signs of wear

When it comes to heavy machinery such as earth movers and other construction machines, they are prone to break down due to prolonged vibrations, friction and high temperatures. During your maintenance checks, if you discover any wear and tear on big parts, make sure to quickly replace them to avoid any risks or costly replacements.

Make a routine for checkups

Make a checklist of every important component that you have to inspect during a maintenance checkup and make a schedule out of it. Doing so regularly will help you develop a preventive approach which can save you a lot of money in the long run.


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