If you are a caravan owner and love to travel all around Australia, you can increase your leisure space when setting up camp with a caravan awning. Awnings always give travellers extra space and plenty of shade from the harsh sun. Why feel cooped up in your caravan when the rains come, sit back beneath your awning and watch the rainfall. There are many options for caravan awnings on sale. Many awning businesses have stores all over Australia and sell all types of awnings. If you prefer, you can also get custom made awnings just for your caravan. So decide what kind of awning you want, and you are sure to find caravan awnings on sale all across Australia.


1. Roll out awnings

Roll out awnings get installed in the right direction and angle to keep the hot midday sun from campers enjoying the great outdoors. These types of awnings are available in various shapes, frame types, and colours. Roll-out awnings are a practical solution, and you can install them easily. You can also attach rooms and sidewalls to these awnings to give you added space for camping.


2. Wind-out awnings

Wind-out awnings attach to the sides of a caravan. There are many styles to choose from depending on which suits your caravan best. These awnings are permanently attached to the sides of caravans and come in a wide range of designs and colours. They come equipped with poles made of fibreglass or steel. They provide excellent shelter from the elements, and campers enjoy relaxing beneath these awnings.


3. Electric awnings


Perhaps your caravan is better suited for an electric awning. These are easy to operate awnings that come with durable fabric and components made of stainless steel. You operate them by remote control, and as soon as you’re ready to stop to camp, just set up your electric awning and sit back to relax in the shade. Electric awnings come in three different types:


  • You can choose patio awnings that are wall-mounted. They get attached to the wall of your caravan and open outwards, covering the outside seating space.
  • Veranda awnings have a fixed frame that stands in place when you retract the awning. The frame gives extra support with supporting posts in front.
  • Freestanding awnings are popular for outdoor spaces. They provide a comfortable cover for large areas like lawns or terraces.


4. Awning fabrics

Awnings come in various fabrics depending on what kind you prefer:


  • Canvas awnings are the classic type. They are usually most often chosen by caravan owners. These awnings are made of natural fibre and can withstand the elements for a long time. They are best for protection from extremely hot temperatures. A canvas awning of good quality blocks the maximum sun. They are available in a variety of colours.
  • Mesh and screen fabric awnings are made of PVC, making them unfadeable. Mesh fabrics are transparent and don’t block your view of the scenery.
  • Acrylic fabrics consist of the lightest material. These are suitable for folding arm awnings. They let light pass through but keep the heat of the sun from you. They are also available in many different colours.

So take into consideration all the options when looking for caravan awnings for sale. As we stated, these can increase the enjoyment that you will have on your camping trips!






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