How to measure custom blinds

A blind is one of the most basic elements in any home and even at the office. The amount of hours of sun that some people enjoy is a real luxury, but not knowing how to manage the sun’s rays can harm people’s health a lot. The blinds are not a luxury, but rather a necessity.


Choosing the type of blind, colour or fabric can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but it is even more difficult to take the right steps to quote the blinds, why? Because the slightest mistake can be a big problem when installing the blind and cause a greater expense.


It may seem like an obvious question, but taking the measurements of a blind requires a few preliminary steps.


The first step is to clear all the area and take a tape measure. Count in advance if there are elements that can make measurement difficult, such as a light switch, a pot or curtains. By eliminating these elements, difficulties and possible errors in the measurements will be removed.


Basic recommendations


Before taking the measurements of a window, the expert or the client must walk a little backwards, observe the window and decide if the best option is to place it inside the window frame or right on the wall.


Whenever possible, it is advisable to place them inside the frame, for a cleaner appearance. When people want to make the window visually larger, or an unattractive frame needs to be covered, the blind will go outside.

For installations within the framework:


The first thing to do is to measure the width of the window at 3 points: Top edge, centre and bottom edge, taking into account the smallest measure. Then the expert has to measure the height also in 3 points: right, left and centre, taking into account the longest measure.


On some occasions when the internal measurement is indicated, there are manufacturers that make the blind a little smaller than the one specified, with the aim of allowing better handling of the blind or the curtain. Depending on the type of blind chosen, it is deduced between half a centimetre of the width.


For this type of installation, people should verify that the internal part of the window frame is deep enough so that the curtain or blind does not overflow from the frame.


For installations outside the frame:


In this installation style, 10cm wide must be added to each side of the window, in order to create the lowest possible light input and maximum privacy.


High should be added between 10 and 15 centimetres, at the top of the frame, this is the space in which the supports will be placed. The amount desired by the client or suggested by the expert is added, to put the blind or curtain on the bottom frame.


Once the clients have all the measures described above, they can go to the store, and with the expert’s advice, they can choose the most suitable blind for the place where it will be located.


If a client, on their own and without any help, and correctly takes action, it is not complicated. They can acquire without fear of being wrong, any blinds they want and they will be fully successful.

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Landscaper Northern NSW- Choosing the right landscaping contractor

Have you thought about investing in a landscaping project for your garden? While it’s often a smart idea to make changes in the landscape but it should be kept in mind that not all landscapers are the same. Most of the time people make the mistake of hiring the first landscaper they come across. The key is to hire the right landscaper in Northern NSW.

The following tips would help you find the right landscaping contractor:

Choose a company which offers more than just landscaping services

There are companies which portray o be full landscaping companies but when I comes to things like laying down the pool or trying to build an annex in the back yard, they fall short of providing the right service. In that case you may have to refer to a separate company. This would mean having to spend time and money on hiring extra people to do the job. Do your research. Find landscapers in Northern NSW who provide the full list of services which they claim. For this you may have to talk to different people. Do you know someone who might have hired a landscaper in the past? Perhaps you could talk to a builder, they know the right people.

Envision the landscape and write down the requirements before you make a hire

It is important to have some idea of what you are thinking of when you hire a landscaper. If there is something which inspires you, make sure you have a picture with you. Plus if there are landscapes which you want incorporated in your garden or yard, make sure you have a record of all that. Once you have everything in one place, it would be easier to talk to different landscaper. It will help you understand who can help you design the kind of landscape you are looking for.

Do thorough research

In order to know more about a company it is necessary that you know about it as much as you can. This can be done by checking out their online reviews which are easily available on their website and the internet. A company which has a majority of positive reviews is your best bet. This is also one way of ensuring that all the references which you find are verified and would provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

Look at the kind of customer service that they offer

Choose a company which has a flexible attitude towards all of the projects that they handle. As the work progresses it is common for people to request for a few changes whenever possible. A company with the flexibility would do so without much problem. On the other hand if they aren’t flexible you may find it hard working with such a landscaper. Also the landscapers should have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out a variety of projects.

Find a landscaper in Northern NSW to beautify your home garden.



Five benefits of servicing your air conditioning systems in Toowoomba

Everyone loves to live in a place that has cool air since it is very comfortable. This is why people will choose to spend their money on buying and installing air conditioners. However, living in a comfortable place comes with a little bit of sacrifice. This means that after you install your conditioners, there are other things that you will be required to perform on your conditioners to ensure that the comfort in the house does not reduce at times. One of the things that you need to do is to service your air conditioner. However, a good number of the people in Toowoomba do not know the purpose of servicing their conditioners. For this reason, they never consider doing it to their conditioners.

Regular servicing of your air conditioners is essential since it has so many benefits to you and also to your conditioner. For this reason, if you have an air conditioner, you should always ensure that servicing the conditioner is a regular practice.  By doing this, you will enjoy the following benefits:


1. It increases the lifespan of your conditioner.

One of the main reasons why servicing of your conditioner in Toowoomba is important is that it increases the lifespan of the conditioner. This means that your conditioner will last longer due to regular servicing.  When you get used to servicing your conditioner, you will have the chance to take care of the defects that the conditioner may be having, and thereby, it will always function normally without failure. This is what makes the conditioner to have a longer lifespan.

2. It ensures that the quality of air is maintained.

One of the reasons as to why people in Toowoomba have air conditioning systems is to ensure that they increase the quality of the air in their homes and places of work. For this reason, the quality of the air that is achieved by installing the conditioner must be maintained. One of the ways that you can maintain the quality of air is by servicing the conditioners regularly.  This, in return, ensures that your health and the health of the people you love are enhanced.

3. It helps to save some coins.

The other benefit of regular servicing of your AC is that it helps you save some coins. Servicing your air conditioners, enables you to detect the defects that the conditioners have made it easy for you to fix these defects in time. For this reason, it is easy for you to prevent the conditioner from failing and also repairing it is cheaper than replacing the conditioner. All these are very important since they will save you the repair costs and replacement charges.

4. It prevents your AC from failure.

Regular servicing on your AC is very important since it enables you to repair your conditioner when it has minor defects before the problems become major. For this reason, you will reduce the chances of having a conditioner that fails when you least expect or when you have no money for replacing it with a new one.


5. It improves the efficiency of your conditioner.

When you service your conditioners regularly, you will get the chance to ensure that your conditioner always works as it is required to work. For this reason, you will be increasing the efficiency of your conditioner.

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Things to research before hiring a home builder in Brisbane

In Brisbane, people consider building homes as a fixed asset. Therefore, when building a home, you should be careful when hiring your home builders. Once you select the right builders, your house will be constructed in the right way. Hence you will have an assurance that your home will last for long. There are many builders available in the market who have different levels of experience. So it is essential to research these builders to choose the most suitable builders.

There are several things you need to research before hiring a home builder in Brisbane. These include:

1.The level of experience of the home builder

It is essential to know how experienced the home builder you are about to hire. Some builders have more experience where others have less experience. The experience is determined by the number of years the builders have worked and the number of homes they have built. So when looking for a home builder, you should hire a person with more experience for they can be able to design your home in the current styles present in the world of homebuilding.

2.If the home builder is having a license and the insurance cover

This is the best assurance that helps you to know that you are hiring the right home builder. During the construction process, there might be accidents that may occur hence the license, and the insurance cover will cater to the medical treatment.

3. How much will the home builder charge

There are many home builders, and the cost of the building may vary from one person to another. Therefore, it’s essential for the homeowner to know how much money he or she will afford to spend in his home. And this will enable the homeowner to hire a home builder who will be comfortable with the available and planned budget.

4. The designs and the style home builder prefer

The homebuilders have different ways of designing and styling homes. The homeowner should ensure that the home builder to be hired is capable of developing their homes in the best marketable styles. In case one has a particular type of home in mind, you can inquire from the home builder if they can build your house in the suggested style.

5. The previous feedback of the home builder from the past clients

A good indicator of the right home builder to be hired should have a good reputation and be satisfied with various past clients. Make sure you get a chance to keep a close in touch with past clients to inquire from the kind of exceptional services offered by the home builder you are about to hire.

6. Where is the home builder located

When selecting the home builder,  choose the one who has built several houses around the area where your dream home will be located. Many home builders are located in areas where their price is competitive.

7. If the homebuilder can be honest with the homeowner

Every homeowner needs to hire a home builder who will be honest. A good home builder should precisely tell the homeowner if the expectations will be achieved or not such that if there are corrections to be done early before the construction start. It’s also good for the homebuilder to ensure that the home construction will be completed in time as agreed with the homeowner.

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Building and Pest Gold Coast

Purchasing a new or existing house is exciting for first-time homeowners. However, for most of us who knows nothing about real estate, it can be a daunting task to spot the defects of the property without the assistance of a building and pest inspector. A property might seem perfect for the Lehman’s eyes but wait until the building inspector reveals their findings; it will be a shocker because it is rare to find a building without defects.  An important fact is the minimum set standards to be met by a house or a building. Where the inspector feels minimal repairs and maintenance will be required to restore the building to the livable standards.

Qualities of a good building and pest inspector


Make sure the inspector you offer the job to inspect a property before you purchased is licensed. This means they have the authority to practice in their area of specialisation and meets all the requirements and qualifications for standard inspection. It is a legal requirement for a building inspector to hold a practice license issued by a relevant government agency. It is also a requirement for a building inspector to have a termite management license for them to undertake pest inspection like termites and other pests that might invade the buildings.



The building inspector should hold public liability insurance so that in case an incident occurs while they undertake their operations, you should have no worries as their client. There is also another type of insurance called indemnity professional insurance which assures clients standard services and insures them against incompetence and non-performance. All these insurance is meant to assure clients that everything will be ok when unexpected happens.



Professionalism while delivering their services should be unquestionable. They should have the guts to conduct their duties with courteous and top professionalism. These professionals should provide seamless services that display their level of experience in their area of expertise. Clients should expect unbiased inspection reports which are thorough and understandable to the clients, and if the terms they use are complex, they should take time to break them down to simple terms that are easy to digest.


Experience level

KTS Building and Pest Gold Coast have long-term experience as inspectors. They can guarantee clients the best services because of the wide field knowledge they possess. They say experience is the best teacher, and it also applies to the building and pest inspectors.


Handy equipment used by building and pest inspectors

Moisture meter

A moisture meter is used to record different levels of moisture in the surfaces of a building like floors and walls without boring the walls, which could lead to further damages to your property. They are used to ascertain the level of moisture if there is visual evidence of the moisture presence. The gadget will also hint to the inspector whether there is a concentration of moisture in some areas that could mean infestation by termites.


Thermal sensor

Thermal sensors are used by the building and pest inspector to identify the spots where termite might have infested by detecting the amount of heat that is generated by the termites. The thermal device can identify the sources of heat across the surfaces for insect infestation.


Plumb line

Plumb line will assure the building and pest inspector whether the building is built following gravitational forces and not the shape of the landscape.


Reasons why you need modular homes in Perth

It is a dream of every person to own his or her own home. For this reason, every person gets peace of mind and feels more comfortable when spending time in your own home. At times a person can spend years wondering the most convenient and reliable homes to build. Some of these buildings might take time to complete where others take a short time to construct depending on the type of house a person will prefer.

There are different types of buildings that a person can choose to build, and one of these types are Modular homes. Modular homes are constructed indoors. A person should do a consultation and do enough research about modular homes. One can consult different companies that build modular homes in Perth to know the cost of construction, the quality of the modular home required, the specific guidelines and rules to be followed when constructing a modular home.

The following are some of the reasons why a person can prefer and chose to construct a modular home in Perth:

1. Modular homes are strong and durable structures.

Modular homes in Perth are constructed with materials of very high quality that are reliable and more convenient. Hence the Modular house will have a firm foundation, and this makes the modular home to be more durable.

2. They take a short time to be constructed.

Since modular homes are built indoors, they take a shorter period to be completed as compared to the other types of homes. They take a couple of weeks to be constructed so a person will not wait for months for it to be completed. Also, the construction of modular homes is not affected by weather that keeps on changing from time to time

3. Modular homes are built professionally.

This is also another major reason why one should construct a modular home. Modular homes have construction guidelines that are properly elaborated, and hence, they are built and designed in the right way. And this gives an assurance of a high level of safety and security to the owner of the modular home.

4. The modular homes can minimise noise.

There are other types of home that allow noise to penetrate from the outside to the inside making the rooms very uncomfortable. Modular homes, however, are built with a technique that enables them to regulate the noise caused by wall and ceiling construction. There are special floating doors that are installed in the modular homes in Perth that help in minimising the noise that comes from within or outside the building.

5. The modular homes have a very low risk of damage

Since the modular homes are built indoors, intruders cannot get a chance to access into your building. Therefore, there is no incidence of theft for construction equipment and materials. Hence the owner of the modular home will not incur loss or worry about losing his materials.

6. Modular homes are cheap to construct.

When you are planning to build any home affordability to construct the home is one of the basic factors that you need to focus on. The key difference with modular homes is that it is the cheapest type that you can construct in case you do not have a lot of money to spend on the construction. This makes them easily affordable by any person who requires a place to call home.


Commercial Landscaping and Its Details

Commercial landscaping is a term currently, that is on the lips of many people. Every time you see a beautiful exterior, you owe it to commercial landscapers. For such reasons, many people might think that commercial landscaping is simply trimming shrubs, planting trees and grasses and mowing overgrown grass. That might be far from the truth because commerce landscaping is a meticulous process encompassing a series of steps starting from initiation of a project to maintenance.

Typically, commercial landscapers plan, design, install as well as maintain the aesthetics of the outdoors of a commercial business space. Experts say that outdoors that are aesthetically appealing, usually stimulate more output from the workers and attract many clients to the business premises. Above all, it provides a healthy and fresh atmosphere for everyone who is part of the commercial building.

What commercial landscaping entails

Typically, commercial landscaping will involve the following:

  • Using artificial water bodies to create a natural feel within the commercial spaces. These water bodies can be human-made ponds, artificial waterfalls as well as fountains.
  • Designing spaces that are in tandem with your values and objectives. Some people always want their commercial spaces to reflect their values, and proper commercial landscaping can achieve this. For instance, you can plant low-water native plant as a landscape for green businesses.
  • Giving all the plants a manicured look within your business premises. This will involve scheduled pruning, weeding and mowing. Still, you can plant lawns and fences to improve the look.
  • Using plants in the right places to soften the harsh architectural lines and angles. Plants are known to bring a balance in landscaping, whether you plant them on a sloppy or rugged-looking landscape. You can play around with a mix of different kinds of plants. For instance, you can mix shrubs, grasses and other plants can uplift the look of an area.

Landscaping design

This is the most technical part of landscaping. It is a comprehensive process that will see you through planting executing and on-going maintenance. If you are hiring a company to do these part for you, then you need to look for the one with a comprehensive range of services. This eliminates the need to hire subcontractors.

When you get a full range service, it means the provider can work with extensive workspaces including, retail shops, condos, offices, municipalities, government buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and clinics.

Standard landscape design services include Commercial landscape design, Seasonal flower planting, commercial lighting, Snow removal, Commercial landscape construction, and Commercial irrigation installation, among others.

These services include all necessary components of landscaping such as Plantings, Hardscapes, Irrigation, and Lighting Furnishings, among others.

Benefits of commercial landscaping

  • Improves employee morale: natural elements usually boost the desire for people to work harder.
  • Increase property value: landscaping additions make your building stand out; thus, will have a higher resale value
  • Improves safety and security: maintaining the surroundings of your business ensures that all walkways are repaired on time, which reduces stumbling. Again, well-placed lighting and plants reduce harbouring if thieves; hence, a secure environment.
  • Eco-friendly: a good landscape is a show of how you care for your environment. Usually, going green is the best way to up life the look of your business. Without a doubt, going green improve the sustainability of the property.

Sydney commercial landscaping by Eloqent Landscapes has already made several corporate building and offices a sight to behold. Add your office to its growing list of beautiful and inspiring exteriors.




5 Maintenance Tips For Construction Equipment

To this day, many people still fail to realize the importance of proper maintenance of their construction equipment, which tends to do more damage than good ultimately, considering how failing equipment adversely affects the productivity and quality of construction, routine checks must be put in place to keep the equipment in the best possible condition. If that’s not enough for you, it can cost you a fortune when a repair or replacement is needed for anyone of your machines. That said, safety is also greatly compromised if you ignore the requirement for repairs for long.

If building contractors melbourne want to improve things regarding the construction business, but you aren’t sure where to start, explore the following tips to extend the life of your equipment without much hassle.

Stick to the training

More often than not, heavy machinery has more than one operator. Your checklist should include regular inspection of the operation of the machine.

Construction machinery should be inspected as soon as possible. Operator training is usually conducted during those inspections because employees come and go, some forget the basic training which leads to improper use and ultimately breakdowns and big problems. Keep the operator’s manual in the machine and make sure to have the operators develop a set of best practices for ensured longevity of the machine.

Frequently check the lubricants

During maintenance checks, checking for proper lubrication is very crucial. For construction machinery, make sure to check for excessive build-ups and excess oil on the pistons, as it could lead to tricky problems later. Look out for oil leaks.

Furthermore, you must use the right lubricant for every part, as every unique part requires a different kind of oil and grease.

Don’t overwork the machine

You must never exceed the mandated specifications and limitations of your machine, which can be found in the operator manual. Use the apt modes for your machine and try to minimize the machine’s travel along with the idle time to maximize the life of the machine.

Look out for signs of wear

When it comes to heavy machinery such as earth movers and other construction machines, they are prone to break down due to prolonged vibrations, friction and high temperatures. During your maintenance checks, if you discover any wear and tear on big parts, make sure to quickly replace them to avoid any risks or costly replacements.

Make a routine for checkups

Make a checklist of every important component that you have to inspect during a maintenance checkup and make a schedule out of it. Doing so regularly will help you develop a preventive approach which can save you a lot of money in the long run.