Do you know the right carport design for your home in Melbourne? Carports have lately become rather popular among the Melbourne homeowners. The flexibility and wide range of designs have significantly contributed to the popularity of carports.

The instant revamped look of a property that enhances its value as well has made carports a must-have outdoor structure for various Melbourne homes. Knowing more about the different kinds of carport designs, Melbourne is the best way to get the right one for your home.


Knowing the different carport designs available in Melbourne ensure getting the right one for your home. Each carport design provides a different style that can well suit your taste and budget.


Custom-built carports

A reputable carport builder is the best professional to hire when it comes to a custom-built carport. He will be able to come up with a design and colour scheme that will complement the aesthetics of your home. He will also be able to integrate your design ideas without much trouble, thereby giving you a customised carport that meets your needs and preferences.


Flat-roofed carport

Aptly named, this type of carport features a flat roof that is meant to protect your car from bird droppings and all kinds of weather conditions. However, areas prone to high levels of snow or rainfall will not benefit much from a flat-roof carport design. While this type of carport is the cheapest on the market, the purpose is defeated when it is built on areas prone to heavy rainfall or snow.


Gable-roofed carport

The most popular carport design in most homes in Melbourne is the gable-roofed carport. The intermarriage of both modern and traditional styles has made this carport stand out from other carport designs.

Areas that are prone to heavy rainfall or snow find a functional fit with the triangular-shaped design of the carport. Most home structures also find a complementary look with the gable-roofed carport design. The neat and finished transformation of outdoor space is accomplished instantly with the construction of a gable-roofed carport.

Opting for this carport design not only protects your car, but it adds curb appeal to your home as well.


Timber-framed carport

The practical purpose and functionality of a carport are easily achieved with the timber-framed carport design. The timber structure of the carport makes it an inexpensive option. A carport made of timber can be strong, sturdy, and last for a long time if properly maintained.

The wood structure ensures it to blend seamlessly with any house structure and design. Just remember to watch out for signs of insect or rot infestation.


Flemish gable-roofed carport

Known as the Dutch gable carport, this particular design uses a traditional gable roof style with a twist. The addition of a sloping pediment allows a flexible style for this carport design.

The sloping design allows homeowners to convert the carport into an instant entertainment space for parties or gatherings.


The tiny, cramped, and ugly carport designs are things of the past. The modern carport designs are spacious, colourful, and are meant to complement the structure and design of homes they are attached to.

Modern carports are now considered important extensions to a home that not only protects cars but also function as extra space for playing and entertaining. Get the right Melbourne carport designs that will fit your home’s aesthetics as well as your budget by hiring a professional builder.




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