A blind is one of the most basic elements in any home and even at the office. The amount of hours of sun that some people enjoy is a real luxury, but not knowing how to manage the sun’s rays can harm people’s health a lot. The blinds are not a luxury, but rather a necessity.


Choosing the type of blind, colour or fabric can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but it is even more difficult to take the right steps to quote the blinds, why? Because the slightest mistake can be a big problem when installing the blind and cause a greater expense.


It may seem like an obvious question, but taking the measurements of a blind requires a few preliminary steps.


The first step is to clear all the area and take a tape measure. Count in advance if there are elements that can make measurement difficult, such as a light switch, a pot or curtains. By eliminating these elements, difficulties and possible errors in the measurements will be removed.


Basic recommendations


Before taking the measurements of a window, the expert or the client must walk a little backwards, observe the window and decide if the best option is to place it inside the window frame or right on the wall.


Whenever possible, it is advisable to place them inside the frame, for a cleaner appearance. When people want to make the window visually larger, or an unattractive frame needs to be covered, the blind will go outside.

For installations within the framework:


The first thing to do is to measure the width of the window at 3 points: Top edge, centre and bottom edge, taking into account the smallest measure. Then the expert has to measure the height also in 3 points: right, left and centre, taking into account the longest measure.


On some occasions when the internal measurement is indicated, there are manufacturers that make the blind a little smaller than the one specified, with the aim of allowing better handling of the blind or the curtain. Depending on the type of blind chosen, it is deduced between half a centimetre of the width.


For this type of installation, people should verify that the internal part of the window frame is deep enough so that the curtain or blind does not overflow from the frame.


For installations outside the frame:


In this installation style, 10cm wide must be added to each side of the window, in order to create the lowest possible light input and maximum privacy.


High should be added between 10 and 15 centimetres, at the top of the frame, this is the space in which the supports will be placed. The amount desired by the client or suggested by the expert is added, to put the blind or curtain on the bottom frame.


Once the clients have all the measures described above, they can go to the store, and with the expert’s advice, they can choose the most suitable blind for the place where it will be located.


If a client, on their own and without any help, and correctly takes action, it is not complicated. They can acquire without fear of being wrong, any blinds they want and they will be fully successful.

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