Aside from the regular holiday and vacation people do, sometimes we need to also consider something different – like a rainforest visit. The rainforest visit gives the traveller an unusual and memorable experience that involve plants and wild animals in their naturally occurring habitat. A rainforest holiday offers travellers the opportunity for various activities like photography, wildlife tour, hiking, fishing, culture exchange, etc. Visiting the rainforest is not an activity suitable for all types of people because the climatic conditions may be harsh and unfriendly. The level of discomfort a traveller might experience is unexplainable with the abundant presence of parasitic creatures.

Let’s discuss a few rainforest destinations worth visiting in Australia;

  • Crystal-Creek Rainforest: It is located in New South Wales. This destination is specifically designed for couples, and they offer a high level of privacy to the guest. The destination offers luxury services to the guests.
  • Lemonthyme Wilderness: The retreat centre is located in Tasmania. It offers services to guests looking to give themselves a good treat and high-level privacy.
  • O’Reilly’s Rainforest: It is located at the Gold Coast. They offer services to various classes of people – people just looking for comfort and a group of travellers that need a big room.
  • Woodlands Rainforest: This destination is located very close to the Yarra Valley, and it is designed and equipped with everything any traveller can need.
  • Songbirds Rainforest: This is very close to the Gold Coast. The place gives travellers the experience of travelling to Bali. The amazing décor, lovely birds singing and the classic restaurant makes it worth your visit.

Before visiting the rainforest, it is expedient to prepare and be aware of some basic things:

  • The abundance of Pests: Because of the nature of the wild, mosquitoes can be really persistent. Therefore, every traveller should ensure their protection by using repellents containing Deet. Necessary medications, including malaria medications, can be acquired for the sake of the trip. Another pest to watch out for is the leech. The leech is a blood-sucking pest that can be destroyed using an insecticide.
  • Use a tour guide: Getting lost in the forest is not a palatable experience, so we will recommend the use of a local guide who is an expert in the area. This is also a way of contributing to the economic development of the place. The tour guide will usually act as a guardian angel, ensuring that the right things are being done per time.
  • Staying calm always: Engaging in a journey like this requires courage, especially if you would be exploring the area. Travellers are usually faced with certain situations that would rattle the peace and resolve; however, it is recommended that the travellers remain calm in every situation, so they will be able to make a good decision and remain safe throughout the journey.