Congrats! You are taking the right step toward owning a dream home. You probably have been dreaming of owning a custom home for a while. Now it is time! You might have spent a lot of time researching and trying to get ideas, and by now, you have a sketch of the floor plan or a rough idea of how you want your home to look like when completed. In whatever stage of your dream home, finding the right custom builder will make this journey an exciting one. It is a decision that has an impact all the way. Here are the tips.

When should you choose a custom builder

The right time to choose a custom home builder is at the beginning design phase with an architect or just after engaging one. By bringing in the builder onboard soon will ensure your dream home follows the design and the budget. You can expect the best custom builder to collaborate closely with the architect, keep the development on schedule, and provide design ideas. He will also participate in producing an initial estimate and provide expertise and insight into cost-effective construction.

Begin the search

To start your search for the right foot, know that anybody can be a builder. With that in mind, remember no law requires a builder to possess certifications, accreditation or licensing, and that’s precisely why anybody can be a builder. Therefore, there’s no barrier to entry, and hundreds of builders are available, some better than the others. You want to engage one of the best for sure! It is only practical to begin your search by talking to friends and family members. Then extend your search to neighbours and real estate professionals for referrals. Chances are, someone you know has ideas about custom builders. In these conversations, you might not get the right suggestions for a builder, but you might have a list of builders to avoid in the end. If your conversations didn’t uncover your star builder, you could take your search a step further to the search engines. Long list your builders and leave out those with negative reviews or ratings.

Dig deeper

And the fun part starts, narrowing down to top three choices. You can either contact them by phone or email interview each one at a time, or just leave a ‘contact us’ form on their website. Their correspondence will give you a rough idea about their professionalism and responsiveness.

Interview your best three choices

This part will be time-consuming and the most crucial process. You will have to schedule a face-to-face meeting with each one of the three. And request each one to visit some of the completed projects plus their current job site for you to assess and evaluate. At the same time, you will note how serious they are concerning safety measures and cleanliness at the site.

To make your work easier, ask the builders these typical questions:

1. How close will you work with my architect and interior designer?

2. Do you have experience building with the style and quality of the house I want?

3. Tell me about your estimation process, and what measures do you take to make sure your budgets are accurate?

4. How long can it take you to give an estimate of the house I want?

5. How do you charge clients for pre-construction services?

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