Purchasing a new or existing house is exciting for first-time homeowners. However, for most of us who knows nothing about real estate, it can be a daunting task to spot the defects of the property without the assistance of a building and pest inspector. A property might seem perfect for the Lehman’s eyes but wait until the building inspector reveals their findings; it will be a shocker because it is rare to find a building without defects.  An important fact is the minimum set standards to be met by a house or a building. Where the inspector feels minimal repairs and maintenance will be required to restore the building to the livable standards.

Qualities of a good building and pest inspector


Make sure the inspector you offer the job to inspect a property before you purchased is licensed. This means they have the authority to practice in their area of specialisation and meets all the requirements and qualifications for standard inspection. It is a legal requirement for a building inspector to hold a practice license issued by a relevant government agency. It is also a requirement for a building inspector to have a termite management license for them to undertake pest inspection like termites and other pests that might invade the buildings.


The building inspector should hold public liability insurance so that in case an incident occurs while they undertake their operations, you should have no worries as their client. There is also another type of insurance called indemnity professional insurance which assures clients standard services and insures them against incompetence and non-performance. All these insurance is meant to assure clients that everything will be ok when unexpected happens.


Professionalism while delivering their services should be unquestionable. They should have the guts to conduct their duties with courteous and top professionalism. These professionals should provide seamless services that display their level of experience in their area of expertise. Clients should expect unbiased inspection reports which are thorough and understandable to the clients, and if the terms they use are complex, they should take time to break them down to simple terms that are easy to digest.

Experience level

KTS Building and Pest Gold Coast have long-term experience as inspectors. They can guarantee clients the best services because of the wide field knowledge they possess. They say experience is the best teacher, and it also applies to the building and pest inspectors.

Handy equipment used by building and pest inspectors

Moisture meter

A moisture meter is used to record different levels of moisture in the surfaces of a building like floors and walls without boring the walls, which could lead to further damages to your property. They are used to ascertain the level of moisture if there is visual evidence of the moisture presence. The gadget will also hint to the inspector whether there is a concentration of moisture in some areas that could mean infestation by termites.

Thermal sensor

Thermal sensors are used by the building and pest inspector to identify the spots where termite might have infested by detecting the amount of heat that is generated by the termites. The thermal device can identify the sources of heat across the surfaces for insect infestation.

Plumb line

Plumb line will assure the building and pest inspector whether the building is built following gravitational forces and not the shape of the landscape.

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